The root of language’s flexibility

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The Dynamic Typing model

It’s always a good feeling to give back

People joining hands
People joining hands
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Exploring three ways of creating train and test samples out of a modelling dataset

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  • Using scikit-learn (aka…

A two step guide for finding the number of followers of any Medium publication that always works

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Practical tips for Python Developers and Data Scientists

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Quick ways for stimulating hormones and neurotransmitters that contribute to your happiness

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A gentle introduction to Python sets

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What are sets?

Understand the importance of configuring collation in databases

Scrabble pieces
Scrabble pieces
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What Is Collation in Databases and Why Is It Important?

Exploring eight Easter eggs which are packed in Python

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What are Easter Eggs in programming languages?

How to increase or decrease the number of a Spark DataFrame

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Spark Partitioning in a nutshell

Giorgos Myrianthous

ML Engineer | Python Developer | Interested in Neuroscience and Mindfulness

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