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Apache Kafka 2.8.0 is finally out and you can now have early-access to KIP-500 that removes the Apache Zookeeper dependency. Instead, Kafka now relies on an internal Raft quorum that can be activated through Kafka Raft metadata mode. The new feature simplifies cluster administration and infrastructure management and marks a…

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Converting a PySpark DataFrame to Pandas is quite trivial thanks to toPandas()method however, this is probably one of the most costly operations that must be used sparingly, especially when dealing with fairly large volume of data.

Why is it so costly?

Pandas DataFrames are stored in-memory which means that the operations over them are faster…

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Threading and multi-processing are two of the most fundamental concepts in programming. If you have been coding for a while, you should have already come across with use-cases where you’d want to speed up specific operations in some parts of your code. Python supports various mechanisms that enable various tasks…

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In one of my previous articles, I discussed about Speech Recognition and how to perform Speech-to-Text with Python. When working with audio or video files, it is sometimes quite important to be able to detect any sensitive content so that certain actions are taken.

For example, you may want to…

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The terms iterable and iterator are often (and wrongfully) used interchangeably in order to describe an object that supports iterations that is an object that allows to iterate over its elements. In fact, iterators and iterables in Python are two distinct concepts that are usually a source of confusion especially…

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Duck Typing is a term commonly related to dynamically typed programming languages and polymorphism. The idea behind this principle is that the code itself does not care about whether an object is a duck, but instead it does only care about whether it quacks.

If it walks like a duck…

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Linked Lists are among the most fundamental data structure that represents a sequence of nodes. The first element of the sequence is called the head of the Linked List while the last element corresponds to the tail.

Every node in the sequence has a pointer to the next element and…

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In July 2020, GitHub announced their intent to require users to use token-based authentication in order to perform certain (authenticated) Git operations. Going forward and as of the 13th of August 2021, account passwords are no longer accepted when authenticating with the REST API.

For instance, if you attempt to…

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